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Simply Vermeulen

The concept of Hendrik Vermeulen's Autumn/Winter prêt-à-couture collection takes its inspiration from the performances of stage conjurers who use smoke and mirrors to deceive their audience.


Hendrik explains: “Breaking the mirror is our bid to show a different beauty through the multiple facets of the broken pieces. Our use of differently abled models on the New York Fashion Week runway as well as models from different shapes, heights and skin complexions was all an attempt to help the general public to find beauty from a different perspective.  What you see is not always what you get. A similar message was conveyed in our “Insecta Mirabilis” couture collection showcased during AltaRoma (Rome Fashion Week) the year before by using the most feared insects (tarantulas, mosquitoes, etc.) and to show how beautiful they are in colours and details once under the magnifier.”


The collection consists of extraordinary material: custom dyed double knit Italian Wool, custom dyed hand knitted South African baby Mohair, Springbok Game Leather (South African Antelope Leather, a non endangered species) and South African ostrich feathers. Different Silks were used for their particularities: Satin, Chiffon, Organza, Georgette and Crêpe. The trims include Swarovski Crystal Iridescent Purple Pearls, Swarovski Crystals and Springbok Leather buttons.


The special details of the collection and silhouette manifest themselves through a figure-hugging look, broad shoulders accentuate by “crater” sleeves, body contouring panels with stitching and round necklines. With unique digital prints, cutout embroidery in Wool and Leather, and handmade Leather accessories (belts and bolero) all made locally in South Africa, the collection has a strong African identity with European flair.


In summary, a beautiful collection perfectly fitted for the crisp winters in Aspen or St Moritz with stunning Silk and Leather pieces appropriate to wear in all the main cities of this world by the very distinctive woman.

New York Fashion Week
Lincoln Center New York City
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