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Hendrik Vermeulen's REFLECTIONS of SUBTERRANEAN LUXURY Collection delves deep underground, where heat and high pressure transforms minerals. By meticulously cutting and buffing these crystals, they get turned into the most desirable gems. The collection highlights ones own ability to transform, taking the rough stone and polishing it into something preciously unique.


REFLECTIONS sees the couture house embarking on a new journey of digital printing. Clever illusion flatter various body types, and the Stretch Silk Duchess Satin, providing just the right amount of support, without compromising on comfort. Angular cuts emphasises the faceted nature of crystals.

With this collection, the House of Vermeulen launches its new prêt-à-couture label "Simply Vermeulen" during the annual Design Indaba in Cape Town.

All prints were designed in-house and printed by ArtLab, Cape Town.

Launch of Simply Vermeulen at Design Indaba
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